Bring Your Inman or  Spartanburg, SC lawn to Life

Bring Your Inman or Spartanburg, SC lawn to Life

Schedule residential lawn maintenance today with Absolute Property Services, LLC

Why spend your weekends doing yard work? Absolute Property Management, LLC provides comprehensive lawn care services for your yard in Inman, Spartanburg or surrounding SC area. You can depend on us for:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn weeding
  • Trimming
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Irrigation services
  • Mulching

We can spread fresh pine needles to spruce up your yard this season. We also provide residential irrigation services to keep your lawn lush and green year-round. Call now to schedule your lawn care services with our professional crew.

Do you currently serve in the military, or as a law enforcement officer or firefighter? First responders are eligible for a discount on our lawn care services. Schedule your residential lawn maintenance services today!

Benefits of routine residential landscaping

You may think that residential landscaping is as simple as mowing your lawn. What some don't realize is that there are many benefits for hiring a professional who can manage your lawn & yard season after season. 5 benefits of routine landscaping:

1. Prevents Weeds 
Regular lawn maintenence can help prevent random weeds from popping up and ruining your lawn's aestheitcs. Weeds can also make it harder for your plants and crops to grow properly in the spring, so it is important to remove the weeds before they start to cause an issue!

2. Prevents Overgrowth
Properly and routinely pruning your bushes will help them grow back thicker, and in good health. Different type of shrubs and bushes need to be pruned at different points in the year, which is why you need a professional landscaper to take proper care!

3. Increases Privacy 
Dense foliage and newly planted shrubs and plants make for a more secluded, private backyard experience. Consider landscape design an extension of your home, and hire a professional to help you design a unique outdoor space!

4. Increases Propery Value 
Something as simple as a new flower bed can increase the property value of your home. If you are looking to add an extra wow factor, consult with Absolute Property Maintenece for information about our hardscaping services!

5. Seasonal Maintenece Saves Time
Just like getting an oil change on your car, it is imporant to get routine maintence done to your yard to ensure you are preventing issues before they arise. A professional landscaping can spot potential problems before they take over your lawn! See below for more information about our residential landscaping contracts. 

We have many types of contracts available

Since every residential lawn maintenance job comes with different requirements, we have several kinds of contracts available. Call today to choose our residential irrigation services, lawn care, lawn weeding or whatever best suits your needs. We service Inman, Spartanburg, and surrounding South Carolina areas.